High gloss PET MDF Board: What it is? The Benefit of Using it

High gloss PET MDF board is an emerging trend in interior designing and furniture. Having a high gloss PET MDF board for your kitchen cabinet will not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also increase the home value. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain. 

However, before you decide to use an MDF board for your cabinet, you must know about what it is and what advantages does it offer. 

What Is A High Gloss PET MDF Board?

High Gloss PET MDF Board is a kind of decorative surface material that is widely used in making cabinets and other furniture. 

These boards are made from wood fibers and are coated with plastic resin that gives a glossy texture to the board. The texture has too high a gloss like a mirror finish. 

They are available in various colors and textures that can go well with any type of furniture design. They are also water-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Advantages Of Using High Gloss PET MDF Boards:

So, if you are thinking of using a high gloss PET MDF board then here are a few advantages of using them:

  • These boards are manufactured using MDF wood. So they are resistant to moisture and do not get damaged by heat or water easily. 
  • The polyester cover on the board gives it a glossy look that makes it resistant to scratches.
  • The high gloss finish can bring an elegant appearance to the cabinets. The glossy surface can effectively reflect light so that the furniture looks much more beautiful and attractive.
  • The coating on the surface of these boards makes them easy to clean as it keeps dirt away from sticking on the surface of the board.

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