How to Maintain the Hot Tub?

For maintenance, the water quality must be checked weekly. This takes about five minutes to complete. According to some experts, changing the water is only necessary every two to six months. Other professionals recommend changing the water twice a year—once in late fall for the winter season and in spring for the summer season. The frequency of these intervals depends on the intensity of use and the number of people. 

The filter system and ozone and/or UV system take care of a large part of the water purification. It is not advisable to do without additional water treatment agents such as chlorine, active oxygen, or biologically based agents.

Energy Consumption of the Hot Tubs:

Good outdoor large capacity hot tubs have energy-optimized insulation that prevents the components from freezing and keeps energy consumption under control even in very cold weather. A distinction is made between hot tubs with full-foam insulation or hot tubs with several layers of insulation and air cushions in between.

 A new type of high-performance insulation is “Iso-Green”. Chemically and biologically neutral, it largely prevents the heat dissipation caused by radiation through infrared absorbers and reflectors. 

The Operation of the Hot Tubs:

The operation of hot tubs is associated with financial expenditure. There are energy and electricity costs and the costs for the water with regular water changes. In addition, costs for water treatment and replacement of the filter cartridge. How much electricity or energy a hot tub uses per day depends on various factors. 

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