A Quick Intro of Golf Cart And Its Maintenance

Golf is around the sport with a centuries-old practice. The purpose is to obtain a round right into an opening in as few strokes as feasible, using various golf clubs. A round of golf generally contains 9 to 18 openings, which are completed one after the other on a golf course.

According to current golf rules, as many as 14 clubs can be taken by the player on a round of golf. The clubs vary in the size of the shaft (measured in inches in golf), loft, building, and also material.

So that you can utilize your existing golf cart fleet fully once again next period, we have actually summed up one of the most important upkeep and also care guidelines for your e-carts as well as their batteries below for you.

Charge the batteries at normal intervals when the automobile is parked for longer periods (particularly in wintertime) as well as very first switch off the primary button (under the guest seat).

Batteries need to not be deeply released preferably (discharge of max. 45-50% freeze-proof down to -17 ° C, totally billed batteries freeze-proof up to -70 ° C, info on the charge control display screen).

Golf Cart Upkeep List:

  • Execute a test drive and also listen for unusual noises as well as regular guiding as well as braking behavior
  • Examine front tire alignment as well as readjust if required
  • Develop the required tire stress
  • Inspect and lubricate brake system
  • Tidy the automobile with the products suggested in the proprietor’s manual
  • Prepare vehicle for storage if necessary (key removed, tow mode turned on, parking brake used).

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