An Electric Classic Car

Because we can all contribute to a greener world, developments in the automotive world are not standing still. More and more electric cars are rolling off the assembly line. But the classic holy cow is also ready for an upgrade to an environmentally friendly version.

The conversion of old-timers to modern electric vehicles is of course not received with enthusiasm by everyone and the term sacrilege is often used.

Over the past few months, we have come across one message after another about classic cars being converted into electric cars. A beautiful trolley, made in Britain. But converting this classic into an electric car was apparently an expensive joke.

Is a Classic Car Better for the Environment?

In terms of emissions, the electric car wins. Certainly, if many kilometers are driven, the CO 2  emissions per kilometer will only decrease. But producing the car itself also costs a lot of energy. This energy, which is needed to produce every part of the car (except for the battery), is no longer needed with Electric Vintage Cars.

Many people also value their cars. Some may have bought a car a few years ago, or have had a car in the family for years. Should that fuel car be sold? But who is going to buy that car if you are no longer allowed to drive it in the future? Then a nice old-timer turns into a museum piece. 

The Electric Old-Timer:

Brands such as Jaguar and Aston Martin offer the possibility to convert their classic models into electric cars. The E Classic Mini from the engineering firm Swind is also an example of a British classic car that has been given an electric interior.

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