Want To Know About Casting? Read This!!!

The technique that is used to obtain highly complex shapes by pouring a liquid material into a mold that contains a cavity of the desired shape and then allowed to solidify is known as the casting process. The solidified part obtained is known as casting and is the most preferred method for obtaining difficult shapes with great accuracy. 

It is believed that the method of casting is an ancient method that was developed almost 7,000 ago. Different types of casting techniques have been developed to obtain precise results. The process of casting is primarily divided into three main categories which are given below:

  1. Investment casting
  2. Lost wax casting
  3. Steel casting

The above three categories of casting further contain various types of casting techniques. Each type of casting technique is used according to various materials. Among various types of casting techniques, the most appreciated casting process is custom water glass casting. It is also known as sodium silicate casting. 

In this process, the water glass is used as a binder for the shell to cast. This type of casting is considered an important technique in China. 

Uses of water glass casting: 

Water glass casting is mostly used for stainless steel components, alloy steel, carbon steel, and for large casting procedures. And is used in the manufacturing of offshore industries, agricultural machinery, etc. If you want to produce steel casting ranging from 0.05kg to 80kgs, then without any doubt, custom water glass casting is best for you.  

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