Conference Microphones 101: What You Need To Know

If you’ve been to a conference or any form of a large gathering, you understand the need for a conference microphone. 

Conference microphones are the ones that are placed on the tables of the audience so that they can ask questions during the conference or meeting. They are also known as discussion microphones, delegate microphones, and table microphones.

The main advantage of using a conference system for meeting rooms is that they provide a direct link between the speaker and the audience. It makes it easier for people to communicate in meetings with many attendees. 

With such microphones, everyone is able to give their opinion or ask their questions without having to rely on one single person for communication.

Conference Microphones come in different shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. The most common type of these microphones is the Gooseneck Microphone which is sometimes referred to as a Shure Microphone because this brand is quite popular among people who use them. 

Other types include Boundary Microphones, Lavaliere Microphones, Handheld Microphones, and even wireless conference microphones.

The primary reason for having separate microphones for different people is that it makes it easier to understand what each person said. When you can isolate the voice of each speaker, you don’t need to worry about echoes or background noise. 

Conference Microphones make it possible for meetings to be more productive by allowing everyone involved to interact freely. Moreover, they can be used anywhere; be it in hotels, churches, schools, or even at home during social gatherings.

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