Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Electric Golf Cart

Anyone who plays golf regularly knows that it can be a lot of work to carry your bags, clubs, and power tools on one hand while pushing a cart using the other. This type of struggle is eliminated with electric carts as they require very little effort to push around the course.

In the past few years, an electric golf cart has become increasingly popular. There are many advantages to using an electric golf cart but there are a few disadvantages too. 

An electric golf cart has no emissions, runs on a quiet motor, consumes less energy, and is cheaper to buy than a petrol or diesel-powered golf cart. An electric golf cart is easy to maintain and is environmentally friendly.

There are very few disadvantages of having an electric golf cart. One disadvantage is that you may have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. 

Another disadvantage is that you could run out of power during a game of golf and have to get out and push it! Electric golf carts are often fitted with batteries which can be recharged by plugging them into a mains electricity supply overnight or for several hours in the day.

An electric golf cart is also very cheap to run because the cost of electricity used to recharge the batteries is much less than the cost of petrol or diesel fuel. 

All in all, the advantages of having an electric golf cart is far exceed the disadvantages of having one. 

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