Many medical spas hesitate to present hydrotherapy services.

Hydrotherapy is among the most efficient rehab and healing methods for individuals of all ages. The sessions take place in a special swimming pool outfitted with devices adjusted to the abilities and demands of the different teams of clients. Hydrotherapy solutions are in need in medical and also rehab facilities, sporting activities facilities, taking care of homes, insane asylums, fitness centers, and clinics.

Many medical spas hesitate to present hydrotherapy services because it is not constantly possible to build a whole swimming pool in an existing structure. AQUA MAXX offers an efficient solution to this problem. Organize your hydrotherapy space using our exclusive mobile system, the Modular Pool. The restorative modular hydrotherapy swimming pool is a steel structure with clear acrylic home windows. The pool is set up from several different components and also is outfitted with functional devices according to the information of the hydrotherapy program.

Advantages of the modular hydrotherapy pool

Versatile functionality. The collection of practical elements is picked individually according to the specifics of the clinical establishment. There are no tough limitations for this issue. Clients uniquely identify the abilities of the hydrotherapy pool.

Presence of several shop windows. Via a huge watching window, the specialist can observe the program of the class, notice and correct mistakes in time, record training dynamics, track changes in the individual’s physical condition, and change the program instantly. timely.

Coach Ease Unlike standard in-ground pools, the Modular Therapy Pool lies above ground. Clients and therapists’ function in person, enhancing training performance as well as assisting professionals keep track of workout precision.

Easy installation. A vital attribute of the modular pool is that its installment does not require comprehensive setting up as well as demolition work on the ground. The layout installs directly to the ceiling and the swimming pool can be disassembled and also relocated to another room if wanted. Easy setup removes unneeded monetary costs as well as the need to acquire authorizations of all kinds. The modules that make up the pool fit easily into common doors, removing the demand for big installment openings.

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