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The main purpose of training in the water is to build up or maintain muscles and mobility. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and relieves the joints at the same time. The dog can move its joints much more freely and there are several effects: the articular cartilage is better supplied with blood, the formation of synovial fluid is stimulated and the joint apse with the muscles surrounding it is loosened.

Ideal for the prevention and treatment of arthrosis!

Application areas:

  • Rehabilitation after operations, accidents
  • treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Treatment of neurological disorders (paralysis)
  • Muscle building and cardiovascular training
  • coordination disorders
  • Gait training (to avoid chronic improper strain)
  • Weight reduction Recommended for healthy dogs:
  • Endurance training (for sports, rescue, and working dogs, especially as a replacement during training breaks)
  • Utilization of very active dogs
  • Puppies (Water Acclimation & Bond Strengthening)
  • Common leisure activity

The much-discussed question: Which is better – pool treadmill or pool?

The pool treadmill is particularly suitable for rehabilitation training following orthopedic surgery and for improving gait. Accustomed relieving postures, which often persist for a long time even after a successful operation, can be treated well here. 

An advantage of the pool treadmill is that targeted regulation of speed and water resistance can have a controlled effect on the gait pattern. 

The pool offers more freedom of movement and in summer you can stay outside in the great outdoors. Training objects such as dummies and balls can be used well, which usually gives the dog great pleasure. To build muscle, circles, and turns can be installed at the same time in order to specifically strengthen individual areas. 

We think both are great when used sensibly and sensibly. Depending on the goal of the therapy, we will be happy to recommend a suitable method and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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