Are You Having Trouble With Your NCR ATM?  Read This!

ATM machines are very convenient, but sometimes, they can be a pain to use. If you’ve been having trouble with yours, this post is for you! Here are common ATM problems and how to fix them:

The first common NCR ATM problem is that there’s no money in the machine. This happens because the machine has to be filled with cash from a human every time it runs out of money. It also might be broken and not able to accept any new money. 

In order to fix this issue, try pressing the “Cash” button on your keypad. That should cause the door on the machine to open so you can put more money into it. You can also try taking cash out through an alternative ATM or going inside to get cash at the teller if your bank offers both options and your bank isn’t full of people already.

Next up is something we here at NCR call “card jam.” This happens when a customer tries to swipe their card but it gets stuck in one of the card readers and won’t come out. 

What usually happens is that when you swipe your card, there’s a little device inside that reads it and sends a signal back to the main computer inside telling it what bank you have an account with. When this device stop working, you may end up with a “card jam”. 

What you can do is inform the bank and request them to change the device as soon as possible. The bank will contact the retailer for the NCR ATM parts supplier and will replace the device within a few days. Tada! Now you can continue using your ATM machine.

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