Tips For Buying a Tailgate Tent

Tips For Buying a Tailgate Tent

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Finding a good tailgate tent is much easier than you might think. You can purchase one for a great price, but you’ll also need to take into account factors like Sidewalls, Water-repellent material, and UV resistance. Here are some tips to make your purchase more effective. This way, you can enjoy your tailgate while staying dry and comfortable. Whether you’re planning on hosting a party or just need to enjoy the game with a large group of friends, there’s a tailgate tent to meet your needs.


If you want to enhance your tailgate tent’s beauty, you should consider adding sidewalls to it. The right sidewalls can transform a simple canopy into a luxurious, elegant tent. Depending on your needs, sidewalls are available in solid vinyl, cafe-style transparent or rounded windows. If you’re not sure which sidewalls to get, check out the American Tent selection below.

Aside from offering privacy and protection, canopy sidewalls also offer advertising space. Printed on a professional-grade 300D polyester material, sidewalls can showcase your company’s logo, products or services. And they’re remarkably durable, even for daily use. The 10×10 canopy sidewall is the most popular size. Adding sidewalls to your tailgate tent can make it more useful for advertising.


You can protect your car and your tailgate tent from the elements by purchasing a Water-repellent tailgate tent. Although some tents are naturally waterproof, they are still not 100% water-proof. The best tents are built with a combination of water-repellent coatings and solid construction. When purchasing a tent, look for the DWR (durable water repellent) label. This indicates that it is treated with a special chemical to keep water from penetrating the fabric. Water repellent tents feature an extra coating on the exterior of the fabric, which causes droplets to bead.

When choosing a water-repellent tailgate tent, look for an HH rating of at least 45. Water resistant tents are designed to keep out light to moderate amounts of moisture, but heavy rains can cause moisture to pool on the canopy and enter the tent space. A good water-repellent tent will have a rating of 50 or more, depending on the material used. You may also want to consider purchasing a tent that has an integrated groundsheet. This can make setup easier and make it more water-resistant.

Another benefit of a Water-repellent tailgate tent is the amount of space it provides. This model of tailgate tent offers 15 cubic feet of storage space. It fits on a wide variety of vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, and crossovers. The tent’s elastic universal fit design means it can be attached to just about any vehicle. Not only does it provide shade, but it also offers privacy for you and your passengers. A mesh screen keeps insects and other pests out and a breeze through your vehicle.

Another great option is an aerosol spray that is available in the market. It is easy to apply, and provides a protective coating that will repel water for up to a season. The spray is inexpensive, but doesn’t cover the seams well. A water-repellent tailgate tent is an essential piece of equipment for any camper. Its durability is also a key benefit of purchasing this type of tailgate tent.

UV resistant

If you plan to use your tailgate tent outside, you should choose a UV resistant tailgate tent. These tents can provide UV protection as long as the fabric is made from high quality UV resistant material. To ensure its long-lasting protection, you should recoat it with a UV protection spray at least once a year. For a reasonable price, you can buy a UV protection spray for less than $7. You can also buy multiple sun walls if needed.

When buying a UV-resistant tailgate tent, be sure to look for a model that is made from a synthetic material. Synthetic materials are better than cotton when it comes to protecting the tent from the sun’s harmful rays. The silver coating on tents isn’t there to protect you; it’s there to protect the tent from damage from the sun. However, washing the tent can strip the UV protection, so be careful not to use harsh cleaning agents that could remove the coating.

You can also buy a tent that folds up accordion style and has a built-in carry bag. It’s easy to set up and disassemble, thanks to its push-button corner brackets. It comes with stakes and ropes for securing it to the ground. While it’s water-resistant, it’s not durable enough to withstand heavy winds. You should always consider the size of your tailgate before purchasing one.

Another popular choice is a pop-up canopy. This canopy has a two-tone design and tie-back mesh curtains. The canopy itself is 144 square feet, and has a powder-coated steel frame. This pop-up canopy weighs 37.5 pounds when collapsed. It comes in gray, beige, or brown. Its lightweight design makes it a convenient option. If you’re worried about the weight, you can opt for a canopy that weighs less than 40 pounds.

Easy to set-up

An easy to set-up tailgate tent can be a great addition to your tailgate party. Depending on the size of your tailgate party, you can get a standard tailgate tent or a team-themed tent. Regardless of your needs, either option is convenient to set up and easy to transport. Here are some tips to choosing the right tailgate tent:

A canopy tent is easy to set-up because it has holes in the legs for adjusting the height of the canopy. Simply push up on the leg to raise it. It is then held up by springs that slide into the holes. Some models use clips for securement, and others use springs. No matter what type of tailgate tent you choose, you’ll have the same amount of fun with it. You’ll be glad you bought an easy to set-up tailgate tent.

The easiest tailgate canopy is the event tent. An event tent has a frame made of four legs that extend in all directions, and its sides are removable for added versatility. The tent itself can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. A tent designed for a stadium’s size may not be suitable for large tailgate parties. If you’re concerned about how many people will be attending your tailgate party, a tent with multiple sides and an integrated pop-up hub system will keep your guests comfortable.

For those who want the extra room, a pop-up canopy is a great option. A pop-up canopy can be convenient for any outdoor event. Its frame is made of aluminum and steel for durability. It features a canopy with two decks and includes stakes and guy ropes. The canopy is made from Oxford fabric, which blocks 90% of the sun’s rays and is easily adjustable to three different heights. A roller bag is provided with the canopy for easy transport.


The cost of a tailgate tent is something you should carefully consider. Prices vary greatly for a variety of factors. Generally, tents range from “eh” to “decent” to “bang a rang!” in all categories. To help you decide what is right for your budget and what you really need, you should first consider what is important to you. Then, you can focus on the tent’s features.

Some models offer optional features, including side walls. Side walls increase the amount of protection they provide from weather, but add to the overall cost. If you plan on tailgating during cold weather, consider adding heated jackets to protect your body from the chill. Some tents also come with sand bags, but these are tripping hazards. To avoid tripping hazards, slip a bright pool flotation noodle over the tie down ropes.

Tailgating equipment is rough on its appearance, so be sure to pick a durable tent with heavy-duty fabric. You’ll be tailgating a lot, so you don’t want to tear down your tent just as early as you set it up. To ensure your tailgate tent will stand the test of time, you should choose a heavy-duty steel or canopy made of heavy-duty fabric. This will not only provide shelter for the season but will last you for years.

Another important factor to consider is the production and shipping time. Depending on where you’re ordering your tent from, a 10-foot x 10 foot tailgate tent can cost anywhere from $1600 to $2800. It’s important to consider the durability of a tent before you decide to purchase it, and make sure you buy a model that has a warranty. If you need it fast, you might want to pay an extra fee for expedited shipping.

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