What Are Aerosols?

Aerosols are used in everyday life. Body Sprays, hairsprays, shaving sprays, deodorants, fire extinguishers, gel toothpaste, are all common examples of man-made aerosols. Nature also produces aerosols in the form of geyser steam, mist or fog, forest exudates, etc. In short, “aerosols are the tiny particles that are dangling in the atmosphere. The suspension of fluid and solid particles together in the gas container is known as aerosols.

How are aerosols filled?

Have you ever wondered how the aerosols are filled which you use in everyday life? How is the right amount of quantity maintained in every can?

Aerosols are usually filled with aerosol filling equipment. Aerosol filling equipment uses two techniques for filling aerosols. Some aerosol filling equipment uses the process of pressure filling while some equipment uses a cool filling process. Both of the processes are different from each other. 

The elements that liquefy on cooling are filled by the cool filling process. On the other hand, the ingredients that are liquified by applying pressure on them are filled by the pressure filling process.

Both of the processes depend on the nature of the aerosols. 

Where to buy aerosol filling equipment?

Aerosol filling equipment is of various types. Each type of aerosol filling equipment is responsible for carrying out various functions. Some advanced aerosol filling equipment is responsible for filling and packaging the aerosols. 

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