General Questions About Electric Shuttle Bus

What Does Automated Driving Mean?

The electric shuttle bus does not have its lanes but is part of the inner-city traffic. This results in special requirements for trackside equipment and technologies. In this case, automated driving means that the route to be driven is fixed and programmed into the vehicle. It then follows this “virtual track”. As soon as the sensors report a potentially dangerous situation, the vehicle brakes immediately. If the shuttle has to avoid obstacles, the attendant must first intervene.

How Fast Does The Shuttle Go?

The vehicles are currently approved for a speed of up to 18 km/h. The shuttles can drive faster, but this speed is currently not approved.

Are The Shuttles Electric?

Yes, the vehicles are equipped with an electric motor and are therefore 100% locally emission-free.

Can The Vehicle See Traffic Signs?

Since the route is programmed and the vehicle uses sensors to orient itself, it knows which signs are where. So the shuttle cannot yet understand traffic signs but can recognize them as objects.

How Do The Vehicles Orient Themselves?

It can be ruled out that shuttles take unforeseen routes. An exact route to be covered is programmed into the vehicles – they drive as if on virtual rails and always on the same path. The traffic signs are also taken into account during programming, as the shuttle cannot read them itself. With traffic lights, this is a little more complicated since the signal is constantly changing. Therefore, a “V2X” communication was installed to transmit the traffic light signal to the vehicle via radio. V2X stands for “Vehicle to Everything”.

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