Beam Moving Head Lights

Beam Moving Head Lights

Beam moving head lights

Choosing the right beam moving head lights can make a big difference when you’re lighting a stage for a production. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a light:

MAC Aura

MAC Aura beam moving head lights combine multicolor LEDs with a backlight LED array to create a stunning effect. The result is a powerful wash light that can be used for lighting, sound and video applications.

The MAC Aura XB is a compact, award-winning LED wash light with a lot of new features, such as improved lens design and a superior color mixing system. It’s also fully waterproof for sand, snow and rain. In addition, it features a sealed design that allows it to be used in virtually any application.

The MAC Aura XB also features a high CRI mode, which is ideal for demanding broadcast applications. In addition, its LED frequency control is also a technological marvel that allows it to display flicker-free projection. Lastly, it’s the MAC Aura’s small and nimble design that makes it the most versatile wash light on the market.

With a maximum output of over 4,000 lumens, the MAC Aura XB is oozing with eye-candy. It’s got a sleek design, a slick control panel and handles on both the head and base. In addition, it comes with a handful of cool features, such as Omega bracket attachments and a handy remote control. Lastly, it also has a sealed design that reduces maintenance costs. Combined with its impressive performance, it’s a surefire bet that MAC Aura beam moving head lights are set to dominate the entertainment industry.


Whether it’s a stage show or a party, moving head lights are an essential item for the entertainment industry. They provide intense lighting for big stages. In addition, they can also create a variety of other lighting effects.

In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to choose a moving head light that’s durable and weather-resistant. Also, you’ll need to clean the machine regularly, and make sure its internal components are running smoothly.

The moving head light may come with a console that lets you control everything from the color to the motion. It can also be used in conjunction with other equipment to achieve additional effects. It’s easy to set up and install, and you can use it anywhere.

If you’re considering buying a moving head light, it’s a good idea to take a look at your budget. The price will depend on the size of the light, the amount of power it consumes, and the features it offers.

Generally, there are two main types of moving head lights. These are the BEAM moving head and LED moving head. They both come in different sizes Led wash lights and colors. The BEAM moving head produces a vibrant beam of light that can be controlled in many ways.

The LED moving head provides a wider range of options, and is especially useful for events that require passive usage. Its low power consumption and wide array of color options makes it a great choice for concerts and stage shows. It’s also waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use.


Using moving head lights is a great way to produce an incredible light show for your venue. It gives you the ability to direct the light beam in various directions, and allows you to control the brightness and colour.

Most of these moving head lights are DMX controllable, so you can customize the effect and the colour of the light. Some models come with pre-set light shows that you can use, or you can control the light in the standalone mode. You can also link up to other lights for a synchroised light show.

Often used for music concerts and theatres, these lights are now being used in restaurants and nightclubs. They have great illumination properties, and are very inexpensive.

There are two main types of moving head lights: BEAM and LED. They both work effectively indoors and outdoors. They can be easily installed and moved. They should not be used if power lines Led wash lights are damaged or if other wires are interfering. They should be cleaned regularly to maintain good lighting effects.

The Alkaid Spot 150 is the best LED spot moving head light on the market. Its advanced optical technology produces a clear and uniform faculula, and its IP65-rated rating ensures perfect inner cleanliness. It won the industry’s top PLASA award for innovation.

A number of moving head spot lights are DMX controllable, meaning you can adjust the colour and other settings with a simple remote. Many of them come with custom gobos that can be projected in rotating or shaking patterns.

Requires a constant temperature system

Luckily for us, we don’t have to live in a dark and damp cave to enjoy the sexy sexy benefits of LED moving head lights. The brightest of them all are made to endure the elements, and with a little bit of love and tender loving care they can last for years to come. Whether you’re putting your money on the wall or in a 401k, the LED light of your dreams can be a real winner.

There is a plethora of manufacturers out there to choose from, and you’re sure to find the best one out there. While the pricier of the lot, you’re going to be rewarded with a better performing light, as well as a slick installer and the kind of support staff that are likely to be with you for the long haul. While the cost of maintenance may be a bit of a snag snag, the rewards of an investment in LED moving head lights are well worth the price. Besides, they are fun to play with, and can make a party sparkle like the stars that they are.

The most important thing to remember is that the best LED moving head lights will inevitably require a little bit of sprucing up and some serious elbow grease before they’re ready for the big show. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer a full complement of replacement parts. This is great news for any budding tech geek.

Creates gobo-flow effect and gobo shake effect

Creating gobo-flow effect and gobo shake effect with beam moving head lights has become a popular method of lighting up stage scenes. The technology is not new but it has become an increasingly important tool for theatrical productions. There are different types of moving head lights to choose from and each of them has its own unique characteristics.

A beam moving head light produces a thin laser like beam. The angle of the beam can be adjusted to create a strong beam or a uniform strobe effect. In addition, this type of moving head can be adjusted in almost any direction.

The UT-LM230 BSW is a compact all-in-one moving head with a powerful beam of a beam light. It can also be equipped with a clear focused GOBO projection of a spot light. Its soft rendering and wide range of color beams make it ideal for illuminating large areas.

SPOTMAN is a feature rich moving head light that enables insanely entertaining effects. It features two DMX channel modes, a Master/Slave option and variable-strobe mode. It provides a pan range of 540 degrees and offers manual and auto-focus wheel.

Infinity(r) iS-400 is a high-end moving head light that features a 440W LED chip, a CTO colour wheel and a CMY colour wheel. It also includes a rotating three-facet prism system, an advanced LED optical system and an electronic zoom range of 12-27 degrees.

Common lighting positions of the stage lights

Among the many types of lighting fixtures for stages, beam moving head lights have become commonplace in musical performances and television shows. They are ideal for large concerts and cultural centers, but they can also be used in churches and tours.

Beam moving head lights are extremely accurate, and they offer plenty of coverage. They can tilt and rotate up to 290 degrees. They can be suspended from the ceiling, or they can be mounted in the audience area. They are also compatible with other stage fixtures.

One of the most popular designs is the diagonal front light, which is set at 45deg from the actor’s position. This angle creates good facial visibility. However, if you have an actor who is in the middle of the stage, a diagonal front light is not the best option. You may want to add some complementary color from another angle to increase the level of visibility.

Another popular design is the side light, which is hung on overhead battens. This type of light can give the actors and performers on the stage more depth. It can also make them stand out from the crowd.

A low-angle front light can be placed on the balcony rail, which is good for lighting drops and scenic elements. It can be used in conjunction with a profile or wash moving head light. The balcony rail is a good position for the main curtain.

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