Ways To Fix Gel Nail Polish Mistakes Before It’s Too Late

Gel nail polish mistakes are easy to avoid and fix. But you must act fast, especially if you want to prevent your manicure from totally going sour. Here are three techniques to fix gel nail polish mistakes before it’s too late.

Fixing Gel Nail Polish Mistakes:

First, the easiest method for fixing gel nail polish mistakes is to use acetone. This is an ingredient found in many removers and will dissolve the gel polish very quickly. 

It’s best to dab a cotton ball or pad with a small amount of acetone on your nails and let it sit for about 30 seconds. If there are any stubborn spots left, you can rub the cotton around in a circular motion until the polish comes off.

To remove the polish from your skin, try using some non-acetone polish remover. It’s gentler than acetone and will not irritate your skin as much. Apply some remover to a cotton ball or pad and rub it over your finger until all traces of polish are gone.

If you don’t have any acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover on hand, don’t worry! A great alternative is rubbing alcohol, which acts just like acetone without the harsh side effects. Just pour a small amount onto cotton and rub the cotton around in a circular motion until the polish comes off.

With careful application, you can do a professional job at home with the right tools and products. One of the most important tools you need is a good set of brushes that will let you apply the polish in as thin or thick a coat as you need for your particular nails. 

You may also want to buy a UV lamp so that your nails will dry faster and more efficiently-this is great if you are in a hurry and need to continue your life for the day. Or you can buy BLUESKY’s GEL NAIL POLISH STARTER KIT, which contains a set of necessary tools and 3 bottles of 10ml gel nail polish, so you can buy all at once without having to purchase additional tools.

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