Brief Guide For Buying A Smart TV

Smart TVs are an investment that you should think about carefully, but above all think through. After all, you should get something for your money that suits you and your living situation perfectly. In the following, we will show you what is important when buying a Smart TV.

Analog televisions are almost non-existent these days. At specialist dealers or electronics stores, you will almost exclusively find Smart TVs, which in turn have special functions. 

The following points will help you to find out what is important when buying a Smart TV in general and in particular and how you can get your perfect TV.

A decisive purchase criterion for television should be the size. The decisive factor is the distance you have from your seated position to the Smart TV. In general, one can say that the larger the television and the smaller the distance, the more pixelated or blurred the picture can be. As a rule of thumb, the distance to the television set should always be about two to three times the size of the display-diagonal.

In addition to the size of your future Smart TV, the type of display also plays a role. You should also think about the resolution. But first things first. There are many display technologies – LCD, LED TV, or OLED, to name a few. Essentially, the technologies differ mainly in the type of backlight and pixels. Each technique has its special advantage.

In terms of resolution, the higher the pixel density, the sharper the image. With a Full HD or even better Ultra HD or 4K resolution, you are on the safe side with modern Smart TVs. HD quality is considered obsolete these days. Some models already offer an 8K resolution. Here, however, you should consider that there are not many films, series, and co. in 8K quality and the resolution is therefore of little use to you.

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