Car Rooftop Camping: Reasons to Camp Under the Stars

Car rooftop camping is, for some people, the ultimate in camping luxury. These tents are designed to be used in cars, and they make the experience of sleeping outdoors more like staying in a hotel—except with the added bonus of seeing the stars overhead. 

If you’re interested in car roof tents for yourself, this blog will walk you through everything you need to know about them.

Car Rooftop Camping:

If you’ve ever gone on an extended road trip, you know that how you pack can make or break your experience. 

A car roof tent is a valuable piece of gear that can make all the difference between a fun and comfortable multi-day trip, and a miserable slog in a cramped space. 

Roof tents turn your vehicle into a portable home by adding space to the tops of cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorhomes.

Roof tents come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular styles are soft shell tents that clip onto existing equipment on the top of your vehicle. 

These tents can be set up in under two minutes, with no tools required. They’re ideal for car camping or road trips where driving time is about 50% of the total time spent away from home.

For longer excursions where there will be many hours behind the wheel, hardshell rooftop tents are great because they give you more space than soft shell roof tents without having to sacrifice valuable cargo room inside the vehicle itself. 

They’re also incredibly durable and waterproof, which makes them perfect for rugged outdoor environments like rock climbing or hunting towing or as a base camp for safari trips.

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