Basic Requirements For Setting Up An Indoor Swimming Pool

Anyone who plans to build an indoor swimming pool on their own should have a lot of time, money, experience in DIY, and, above all, in the planning. Professional support is also recommended.

First of all, determine the budget that you are willing to spend or that you can spend so that the pool will provide many years of enjoyment and relaxation. 

In the longer term, you get more out of your dream, especially with high-quality, long-lasting swimming pool technology and good materials. A financial corset that is too tight is therefore not advisable.

Before you start construction, you should obtain critical information from the local building authority or the competent state-building control authority as to whether and what kind of approval is required to construct an indoor swimming pool. 

The construction project should be discussed in detail with a responsible architect to ensure that the properties of the house fabric withstand the plan. For some orders, the architect himself takes care of the application to the responsible building authority.

At best, you should build the swimming pool in the basement or on the ground floor. A suitable room has been found when the high humidity can be handled with good ventilation, otherwise, mold will quickly form.

Whether laying windows, walls, floors, the right ceiling, etc. due to the high humidity in the room, special technical and building physics requirements have to be met. The ideal partner is a swimming pool full-service provider who offers all the solutions for such an extensive project from a single source.

Certain prerequisites that are of great importance for the perfect pool construction, for example, are horizontal thermal insulation, underfloor heating, fully automatic regulation of chlorine and pH value, suitable pool heating, and a generally suitable heating system. 

The pools are often heated up to 32 degrees water temperature, while in the room where the pool is located it is up to 30 degrees Celsius.

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