Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine


A cable tray roll forming machine is an automated machine that is used to produce a variety of shapes and sizes. Manufacturers typically produce cable trays in lengths from 100 mm to 600 mm. A single manufacturing line can produce all different sizes. The machine’s control panel allows for easy adjustment. An operator simply selects the desired length on the control screen, and the rollers reposition themselves automatically. It only takes a few seconds to make the necessary adjustments.

Downspout machine

A cable-tray-roll-forming machine for the downspout is a handy device for making these trays and covers. This type of machine requires only input of data and is easy to operate. The machine’s unique design allows for the perfect leveling of downspouts and covers and saves area. Here are some of its benefits:

A cable-tray-roll-forming machine for the downspout can be used to produce cables trays of various widths. A cable-tray tray is a handy alternative to a conduit system or open wiring. They are especially useful in case of cable changes. In such a case, a user can lay new cables directly on the tray instead of pulling them through a downspout or pipe. Another advantage is that a cable-tray roll-forming machine can be used to manufacture ventilated and solid cable trays, as well as a protective cover for them.

Cold roll forming machine

A cable-tray-roll forming machine produces a variety of cable trays, ranging in length from 100 to 600 mm. It also allows the user to adjust the size of the cable tray automatically, via the control panel. This is made possible by sensors which monitor the size of the cable trays. The control panel also features a touch screen where users can check the sizes. When the machine reaches the desired length, the rollforming rollers automatically reposition themselves.

The main part of a cable-tray production line is the rollforming process. The process begins with a decoiler, which loads a new coil. Once the material is decoiling, it passes through a straightener machine. Next, a servo feeder machine feeds the material to an eccentric press, which punches holes and cuts the trays to the desired length.

A cable-tray-roll forming machine produces a wide variety of cables in a single operation. The machine can fabricate any length and width, and can produce more than 10 Meter of cable trays per hour. As the name implies, cable trays can be made from sheet materials. The width of cable trays can vary between 100 and 600 mm, but thicker trays require separate rollfroming machines.

When using a cable-tray-roll forming machine, it is important to use the right materials. Metals are a common choice for this role, and can be used to produce different types of cable ducts. Cable-tray-roll forming machines are designed to flatten coiled sheet metal before cutting and punching it. The result is a durable and functional cable tray. A cable tray production line forms its cable channels so many cables can pass through it easily.

Lotos machine

Lotos multi-size cable-tray-roll forming machine has the capability of producing different length and height of cable trays with a thickness of 1.2-2 mm. The company has experience in developing different cable-tray-roll forming machines and is able to meet various demands from different industries. The multi-size cable-tray-roll forming machine can also produce ladder-type cable trays, which need welding bars in the middle.

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