Introduction To Laser Welding

In today’s era, the use of lasers is at its peak. Lasers are widely used in different industries because of their numerous benefits. It is used in industrial work for welding and cutting of material, in medical treatments for surgery, for scanning barcodes, in the instruments that are used for DNA sequencing, and more.

In this unique article, we will give you thorough information related to laser welding.

What is laser welding?

The welding process in which lasers are used to link different pieces of metal or some other material is known as laser welding. In laser welding, beams of lasers are directed on the target material, the high energy beam of lasers carry out the welding effectively in no time. Laser welding can give a high welding rate per minute in thin material. Whereas, if we use laser welding for welding two broad parts, a deep and narrow weld will be obtained between the thick parts.

Laser welding works in different modes. One is known as keyhole welding and the other one is conduction limited welding.

What are the benefits of using laser welding?

Laser welding can entertain you with various benefits. A few benefits are given below.

  • By using laser welding, you can continuously weld the material, there is no need to stop and change the material. Welding with a laser machine is a continuous process.
  • Laser welding gives you precise welding because highly-efficient lasers are focused on the targeted material.
  • Lasers are helpful in welding various parts including non-metallic and metallic. You can weld various parts like stainless steel, Al, plastics, and more.

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