What is an Automated Teller Machine?

An automated teller machine also known as an ATM is a piece of advanced banking equipment that entertains bank account holders for self transacting their money from their bank account. The person with a valid credit card or debit card inserts their card into the machine, enters the unique pin and the amount which they want to withdraw from their account, and after verification. 

The money is deducted from their account and provided to them at the spot through an ATM machine. An ATM machine is just like a computer with a specific operation. Several parts work together for making a transaction. In this article, we are going to discuss some important parts of the ATM machines. Read on to know what they are:

  1. Card reader: 

It is an essential part of the machine. Without this part, you are not able to make a transaction because a card reader reads information from the chip that is available on your credit or debit card. The chip contains all the data of your bank account, like how much money is available in your account. After inserting the card in the card reader machine. The keyboard play its role

  1. Keyboard:

Some ATM machines have touch keyboards. There are some machines with numeric keypads. The keyboard of an ATM machine is important equipment for entering the specific pin and the amount which we want to withdraw from our account.

  1. Cash dispenser:

A cash dispenser is responsible for dispensing the money that has been deduced from your account. 

All the above parts are considered as an important part of an ATM machine, if any of the parts stop working, you may not be able to transact money from your bank account. 

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